Friday, December 5, 2008

Interesting Picks

The week in pictures from Econompicdata

Casey Mulligan thinks that the the US Treasury and the Fed are just creating the wrong incentives. An academic version of his arguments can be found in his recent NBER working paper.

Oliver Kamm reviews the year's books on Economics and Finance.

Has the quest in search of a Giffen good concluded?

Cato Unbound brings together four economists for an anatomy of the financial crisis. David Beckworth discusses one of the interesting (if not entirely original) ideas in one of the articles.

David Altig, Rebecca Wilder and Menzie Chinn explain the latest nonfarm payrolls data with intuitive charts.

But things will only get better, at least for equities, claim market economists. Yet another upbeat 2009 outlook report.

Speaking of charts, Jeff Frankel tackles the crisis in one chart- also has link to a Harvard panel on the economic crisis for new members of Congress.

More on TIPS and nominal yields from the guy who got me to write on this issue in my inaugural Daily News column (see also my followup on the same topic).

I just love market reaction to data charts, especially if they come as neat as the ones here.

Alphabet Economics: U, V, W, S, Z or L; that's the question- I can't believe I already covered almost 1/4th of the alphabet:)

Latest EPFR data paint a grim outlook for emerging markets.

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