Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Interesting Picks

Two issues of measurement with US GDP figures: Michale Mandel argues that goods production may be mismeasured while Menzie Chinn looks at the role of import price mismeasurement.

Same store sales show the US consumer is continuing to frugalize.

Marginal Revolution summarizes the recent Krugman-Mankiw discussion on looking at the Great Depression with a vertical AD curve. The discussion is relevant, as "to stimulate or not to stimulate, that is the question".

As Big Picture summarizes, the markets might be making too much of the soaring mortgage refinancings.

Derivative Dribble follows up on Felix Salmon to offer his excellent explanation of synthetic CDOs and super senior tranches (the continuation is here).

Rebecca Wilder's latest take on the Fed balance sheet.

And speaking of the Fed's balance sheet, in case you wanted to know how quantitative easing works in practice.

Why a policy rate cut might not (i.e. will not) translate to lower market rates.

If you are already buying back debt, why not buy stock index futures?

FT Alphaville's key takes from the latest Beige Book.

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