Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Interesting Picks: Turkey

Results of a survey from a Turkish private university shows that the children of self-employed are less successful academically and more entrepreneurial.

The demand effects of economic crises in Turkey

I wasn't a blogger when this article from Macro Man first appeared, but it is a great read anyway.

We all talk of the dependency of imported inputs as a curse for Turkey, but to my knowledge, nobody has looked at their role in Turkey's export variety, as a new paper does for India.

Expected social security wealth simulations for Turkey

A new paper looks at Turkey's Evolving Trade Integration into Pan-European Markets

During my stint as a bank economist, I was surprised to see that foreigners were usually a step ahead in the bond market. The most obvious explanation of them having deeper ears just did not make sense to me. A new paper formally shows my casual explanation using bond microstructure data and offers an alternative explanation.

A CBT paper (in Turkish) looks at the market responses to monetary policy surprises.

Evidence of propping in business group firms in Turkey in the 1990s, when all was wild wild west.

I saved the best for last: A new NBER working paper looks at ten developing countries (including Turkey) that are manufacturing exporters and contrary to popular belief, China's expansion during the period 1995-2005 has had only a minor contraction in export demand for each country.

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