Friday, December 26, 2008

Interesting Picks

Chart of the day: The fallen giants of finance.

NYT credit crisis page.

Christmas Economics from Economix.

The pain of some (e.g. Turkey) is the gain of others.

Buti & Gaspar and Jeff Frankel celebrate the first ten years of the euro.

How to conduct quantitative easing.

Good summary of the latest new home sales data (with links to other blogs) from Rebecca Wilder.

Josh Hendrickson summarizes what macro theory has to say about the financial crisis.

VoXEU article on uncertainty and the crisis.

Hail the new ADP methodology.

Macroblog looks at labor force effects versus job losses effects in explaining higher unemployment.

World Bank credit crisis talk on reforming the credit rating agencies.

Krugman and Wolf on Keynes (via Mark Tahoma).

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