Thursday, June 18, 2009

New kids on the blog:)

Some time ago, I had listed my favorite Econ. blogs, where the top honors for a Turkish blog in Economics had been a no-contest, as there was only one. Recently, there have been two promising newcomers: One by a journalist and the other by a professional economist- in fact the latter claims that his is the first blog by a professional economist. Even if you take me out of the picture since I write in English (and since I hope to regain my international flavor soon), I think that statement, which could be true if you limit your definition of professional economist to a bank/market economist, is nevertheless unfair to my no-contest winner, who I would also classify as a (non-market) professional economist... BTW, the latest blog there is a critique of one of the points I am making in my unemployment critique.

In any case, I am really glad Burumcekci has taken into blogging, as he is one of favorite columnists and one of the few market economists I really trust. My only other critique for him is that Economics is solely just Economics:) Well, enough critiques already; just welcome to the blog:)...

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