Thursday, June 25, 2009

Blog coming to Hurriyet Daily News

My readers at the Hurriyet Daily News have been consistently complaining on the insufficiency of the paper's web page (design, content, etc...). Luckily, the folks at the paper are aware of the issues and have been working around the clock for the past few months for a complete overhaul of the web page.

One of the changes will be the introduction of blog content: There will be a few blogs integrated into the paper, and mine is one of them. I will continue blogging here, and my blogs will automatically be imported to the Daily News address. Anyway, in a manner that would put Ricardo and his comparative advantage/specialization writings to shame, I put a lot of effort to finding a name and designing a logo, coming up with the following:

Other than the economic connotation, "market" is homage to the greatest sports fan club ever, which how their name would roughly translate in English. Similarly, the anarchy sign, while symbolizing my non-traditional approach to Economics, is also their symbol.

The Greek letters and the integral are supposed to evoke Economics, but I have got feedback that it is too confusing. The other option would be the minimalist design the other Daily News blogs are opting for, here's an example:

Basically, this is a representative picture (more on that later) that is supposed to evoke the blog's topic and simple capital letters underneath. I could adopt this, and just use the A, the anarchy sign, rather than the Greek letters and the like. I would love to get your thoughts on that.

Another issue where I need reader wisdom is the picture: It was designed by the ever-helpful Daily News in-house designer, and I think he did a quite decent job with that. But I am looking for something more inspirational and original, like the growth book design I had mentioned way back. Any ideas/suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

I will announce when the new blog opens doors for business. Right now, I am waiting from the Daily News IT specialist to write a script for RSS feed automatic updating, but even when that is done, I might have to wait for the official launch of the new Hurriyet web page.

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