Monday, June 29, 2009

EconNews Roundup

Automobile production increasing. But don't get too excited; the article refers to last year's figures, not last month's:)

More last year's news on corporates: It seems that their margins have been falling, at least according to the article.

I am not sure if there is indeed a causal relationship, but an interesting article on the effect of the changing financial architecture, which I had discussed last week in Hurriyet, on the greenback.

Last but not definitely the least, Hurriyet Daily News' favorite analyst makes headlines again: Much of what he is saying makes perfect sense, but I just have a small footprint to add: Such conditionality might in itself un-nerve markets, notes Tim, speaking of the IMF agreement. Well, the reason it will unnerve markets is not because that conditionality will be harmful to Turkey, but because markets will start thinking the government will renege on the promises.

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