Saturday, September 27, 2008

Favorite Turkish economics columnists

When I used to give Economics training to branch employees at Citi, the third most popular question was which columnists I read regularly (the first question being the path of the dollar and interest rates and the second being the path of Besiktas- I often did the weekend training sessions with my Besiktas jersey, as I usually headed to a football game right after). Anyway, after a friend asked all the three questions during our recent roadtrip, I decided to address one of them here. Here are my favorite columnists and briefly what I like about them:

Deniz Gokce: Excellent tracking of current events (Turkey and world)

Serhat Gurleyen: The only one in the list I've met, and he really impressed me as very knowledable and thoughtful.

Salih Neftci: A must-read if you would like to familiarize yourself with the tools and instruments of modern finance. I wouldn't put my money on his predictions though; he likes to make specific forecasts, which are not likely to be exact all the time.

Hasan Ersel: Shows that asking the right questions is usually the most important step in reaching the answers

Ercan Kumcu: Knowledgeable ex-Central Banker, with somewhat an international macro focus

Haluk Burumcekci: Chief economist of Fortis, one of the few Turkish market economists I really trust.

Seyfettin Gursel: While his main expertise (and the main reason I follow his columns) is Turkish labor markets, I find his politics pieces interesting as well.

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