Monday, September 29, 2008

Reads of the day

European Banks: Too big to fail or too big to save

A comparison of the Paulson plan with earlier bailouts in Sweden and Japan

One of the useful side dishes of the proposed bailout bill: With a floor and as well as a ceiling, the variability of the effective Fed funds rate is likely to decrease. An "accompanying paper" explains the rationale behind the move.

A really good introduction to the TED spread, the decomposition of the spread is especially useful when trying to think about the different factors that affect this spread. The discussion of the spread between the three-month and overnight LIBOR is related to my recent point that LIBOR may not be measuring what it is perceived to measure...

And yet another discussion of what's wrong with the TED (I agree that OIS is a better indicator than LIBOR for credit strains that OIS-Tbills might show safe haven rush more accurately then TED)

Just like the banks, the members of the Congress voting on the Paulson bailout will be faced with the Prisoner's Dilemma as well.

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