Tuesday, November 4, 2008

My favorite blogs

If we don't count my unsuccessful start at blogging at the end of July, I've been part of the blogosphere, both as a participant and an avid reader, for exactly eight weeks. While I have to admit that I am still relatively a rookie when it comes to blogging, two months is enough time to form my own list of "Best of":

Best International Macro Blog: While it gives more weight to the Fed balance sheet, US capital flows, sovereign wealth funds and China, Brad Setser's coverage of International Macro issues is unparalleled.

Best Blog by an Academic: Mark Tahoma, Economics professor at University of Oregon, has a wide coverage of analytical issues. I really like his frequent excerpts from other articles, adding his own short comments.

Best Analytical Blog: James Hamilton and Menzie Chinn could have tied for the best blog by an academic as well. While their coverage is not as extensive as Mark Tahoma's, the analysis is always deep.

Best Coverage of the Economics Blogosphere: It is very difficult to top FT Alphaville. They continuously scan the web for the most interesting and relevant material, even though Mark Tahoma is a close runner-up, especially when considering he does all that alone:)

Best Coverage of US Economy for Beginners: While most blogs are geared towards the US economy, Rebecca Wilder makes it very easy to understand. I myself have found her discussion on a number issues very useful.

Best Fixed Income Blog: Very extensive, frequently updated, but still easy to follow for a non-specialist like me.

Best Markets Blog: All I've said for the one right above, but for general markets. His(or her) catchy titles and flowing language make it fun to read as well.

Best Blog to Track the Crisis: I just wanted to put Calculated Risk into the picture, as the blog is excellent for breadth and coverage as well, so their excellent daily credit risk indicators gave me the excuse.

Best Blog for Executive Summaries of Academic Papers: Zubin Jelveh always finds the most interesting, relevant papers and then summarizes them successfully.

Best Turkey Blog: This one is a no-contest, as this is the only blog still active writing on Turkey, in Turkish- at least the only one I know of.

Although there are many other blogs I like, I wanted to put a stop to the list at ten. However, I have one final consolation prize:

Best Disappointment Blog: Dr. Doom's blogs are excellent and extensive, but whenever I try enter his website, I seem to get lost by the breadth of information. Reorganizing his and other blogs at RGE would definitely put his blogs into a regular best of category, but for now, it is rather a disappointment for me.

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