Friday, November 14, 2008

Interesting Picks

The week in pictures: From Econompicdata

Yet another sort of decoupling: Between the Fed and other central banks

Understanding liquidity and its role in the credit crisis

Macroblog continues its discussion on the changing operational face of monetary policy. FT Alphaville takes on the issue as well.

Menzie Chinn and Rebecca Wilder look at US real retail sales- this data as well as exports and and some other recent indicators hint that the US economy is going downhill.

The perfect gift for a banker or regulator alike: A visual guide to the financial crisis- just print and have it framed.

Heizo Takenaka outlines an eleven-step financial sector proposal. One and four are really the same thing, and while attractive, switching between the regulator and regulated might not work well in practice (e.g. Korea pre-1997), the list is still comprehensive.

If you are not sure what CDOs and CDSs and the other three-letter things that entered into our daily speak in the last couple of years, I just came across the perfect blog that demystifies all these and more.

If you are following more blog regularly, you have probably seen quite a few NYT interactive maps. Here's another great one- on US homeowner negative equity.

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