Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Interesting Picks

Charts of the day: US bailout pledges and S&P dividend yield vs. 10-year Treasuries.

I was waiting until I found the perfect article on the Obama'a economic team.

If you are going to do fiscal stimulus, should it be G or T?

Mortgage rates finally fell (see the excellent graph in the article) with the Fed's latest packages, but is this really a good thing in the long run (before we are dead)?

Mark Tahoma reports a Dallas Fed paper that weighs the costs and "benefits" of moral hazard.

John Muellbauer gives some unorthodox monetary policy advice. Incidentally, as he notes the latest Fed announcements are in line with his proposals, and we could definitely see more of that as the Fed approaches zero policy rate.

Menzie Chinn summarizes the latest OECD forecasts.

David Altig talks about the monetary transmission mechanism and poses an interesting question at the end.

Calculatedrisk looks at the relationship between house prices and PCE and concluded that consumption might have much further to go. Incidentally, this is the last of a series of really good posts on house prices, the rest of which are linked in the article.

Rebecca Wilder notes that the latest government actions amount to the monetization of public debt. Not that there's anything wrong with that, as William Buiter argues in a well-written note.

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