Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Interesting Picks

Chart of the day: From Chart of the Day.

I just came across the NYT credit crisis essentials page. What next- credit crisis for dummies?

WSJ against WSJ: I see it as an indicator of how uncertain the future direction of Fed policy has become.

Economix has a short article on why oil and gas prices do not move one to one- an issue often debated in Turkey- naturally, the issue in Turkey are somewhat different.

Speaking of oil, James Hamilton, my favorite academics blogger who is an energy economist in his spare time, has a working paper, Understanding Crude Oil Prices.

An omen for Saturday.

My answer to those claiming that yesterday's 10% IMF surge was due to the (still-unannounced) IMF package.

Rebecca Wilder continues to discuss issues of opaqueness for the world's largest hedge fund.

Another interesting piece on the sustainability of dollar strength- this one from the London banker. FT Alphaville expands on one particular reason- a more complete discussion is here.

Zubin Jelveh demonstrates that in times of crises, all correlations tend to one (or -1).

Rogue Economist rants on the three laws of risk and their implications on an interconnected financial system, using CDSs as an example.

I had mentioned last week that economic forecasts are getting more dispersed in Turkey. Menzie Chinn reports that a similar thing is happening for the US.

Table of leverage ratios of big banks, on which FT Alphaville elaborates.

Financial Armageddon argues that durables and non-residential investment are especially vulnerable. However, Casey Mulligan shows that hasn't been the case for non-residential investment and has a neoclassical explanation to go with it.

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