Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Interesting Picks: Turkey

I decided to extend Interesting Picks to links related to the Turkish economy. I doubt the Turkish version will be as frequent as the regular version, but I plan to post one at least once a week. Another major difference will be that apart from the occasional tasteless joke, the Turkish entries will be much more research-oriented, reflecting my increase in utility when I spot a policy-oriented paper on the Turkish economy. Enough said...:

Batman against Batman: I wonder how I missed this in the Turkish papers. Nice post, but this surely can't beat my own Batman joke back in 2006 when I was trying to lighten up the dull Economics news: "There has been a break of avian flu in the Southeastern town of Batman, and it isn't Robin!"

Paper on regional poverty in Turkey (HT to Orhan Karaca)

Evaluation of Turkish Domestic and Foreign Banks By Using Financial Ratios: I am no expert to evaluate the paper, but since accounting and balance sheet analysis is French (at least, the banlieu variety) to me, I got something out of it.

Speaking of banks, a paper just published looks at the board characteristics of Turkish banks.

An IMF paper from more than a year ago measures sovereign risk in Turkey with the contingent claims approach.

Another new paper looks at at the relationship between financial development and growth using multivariate time series.

A model of the Turkish 2000-2001 tablita-style stabilization program.

Speaking of exchange rates, a new Spanish Central Bank working paper looks at the exchange rate pass-through in new EU members- plus Turkey.

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