Monday, May 18, 2009

What I've been reading

I have brought about a dozen books with me to Marmaris. Without any premeditation, I decided to do a small Jose Saramago fest: I have read first The Double, then Blindness (incidentally, I was thinking what a great movie it would make, when I found out, searching the Amazon link, that it has already been made- out in Turkey in a couple of weeks) and now I am off to History of the Siege of Lisbon.

I am not really into fictional reviews; in any case, I am waiting for the movie for Blindness for a joint review. But my good friend Emin, a loyal Besiktas fan when we play Fenerbahce, has a review on The Gospel According to Jesus Christ.

Among the other books I have with me are: What Makes a Terrorist, The Price of Everything, Economic Gangsters, Nudge, All the News That's Fit to Sell. I'll probably review at least some of those.


sarapci said...

Due to the "sensitive" content of the post I had preferred to write in English. But whenever I do so I get lost in the swarm of litereature blogs in English.

It's always nice to know some have read even if they refrain from leaving comments. (Hint hint.)

Emre Deliveli said...

You definitely have a point: It is not very fair to be expecting comments when I am not leaving some myself in the first place. But I am a really shy guy:) Anyway, as you know, I have also been too preoccupied with Besiktas these day. Hopefully, after Saturday, I'll have more time for blogtrotting- and commenting:):):)