Tuesday, May 19, 2009

EconNews Roundup

A summary of CBT's latest International Investment Position data.

EU no anchor for foreign investors: What a surprise! After all, the EU has to put its own house in order first. Moreover, tracking and enforcing economic criteria have never been EU's strong points. That's what the IMF is for.

Speaking of the devil, markets start to doubt the IMF deal? Good morning in Uskudar, as the English version of a common Turkish expression goes. Luckily, markets are acting as economists: Just assume that there is an IMF deal:)- HT to David Lloyd; from a recent comment he posted to the blog.

Summary of a Moody's Turkish Municipals report from last week.

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Taruhan Bola said...

Woowwwww,,,, the IMF's so cool,,, Ko really is like this,,,,