Thursday, May 28, 2009

Really depressed on a Thursday afternoon...

I've been catching up with the latest news, and I just noticed that Econ. Minister Babacan briefed the economics columnists of the major dailies, a nice event to which yours truly wasn't invited:(

I am of course disappointed not to be taken for an econ. columnist by his excellency:) The CBT had disappointed many in my profession before by inviting only Econ. PhD columnists to a gathering with Governor Yilmaz, leading Referans columnist and market economist Haluk Burumcekci, whose opinions and analysis I hold in high esteem, to get sort of pissed off...

When I was excluded by former minister Simsek early April, I thought that he, being a true Fenerbahce fan, had closed the door to columnists who are Besiktas fans:) But given that I satisfy the CBT's education requirements, I am not sure what to make of Babacan's continuation of his predecessor's ignorance of me. I mean, is there something wrong with me, as my sister is suggesting, or is it that Hurriyet Daily News is not taken for a newspaper- David and Taylan take notice:):):)

BTW, I am again dealing with illness in the family-just had time to jot these on my Bberry. Will try to get a couple of posts in tonight and tomorrow morning. Then I am off to Denizli to see Besiktas get crowned. I will get back to regular blogging by Monday.
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H Yilmaz said...

Hello Emre - I have been following your blog for a while now and both your command of language and stable predictions always make for a great read about the Turkish economy. Just out of curiosity, from which institution do you hold a PhD degree? Keep blogging! And, thanks again for sharing your insight and analysis with us all.

Emre Deliveli said...

Dear H Yilmaz;

Thanks for the very kind remarks. Emails like your note from friends and readers during my absence have prompted me to a speedy return after a short blogging vacation. I have yet to archive my newspaper articles for the past few weeks, but as as of June 18, I am full speed blogging again, so thanks again for the motivation.

To answer your question, I studied in the US after high school, Yale for undergrad and Harvard for grad.

Comments (both + and -), suggestions would always be very much appreciated.