Saturday, May 23, 2009

EconNews Roundup

Here' s my choice of reads from Friday through the weekend:

Hurriyet summarizes a recent Barcap report on the neverending saga of Turkey and the IMF.

...Simsek sends the ball to Babacan- that should be one part of his old jobs he does not regret not dealing with anymore....

....While economists have found the replacement to the IMF deal: Barter. That's it, I am changing my official profession to Besiktas fan. Joking aside, kudos to Hurriyet for not being blown away by the comments and opting for a balanced/realistic headline.

First, the crisis passed tangent to Turkey. Then, it brushed past. Now, the PM declares Turkey will pass crisis easily. The fact that he said these words at an automotive factory, one of the sectors hit worst by the crisis, proves once again that he does indeed have a good sense of humor.

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