Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Interesting Picks

Research of the day: Who survived the Titanic and why (via Tyler Cowen).

Picture of the day: The shrinking banks (here's a slightly different version).

Chart of the day: A flow chart on which chart to choose.

Suggestions and questions for the new Treasury secretary.

Worthwhile Canadian Initiative looks at the big picture for monetary and fiscal policy.

The decaying Fed balance sheet.

More on the Fama stimulus issue.

Brad Setser asks whether the US should worry about the drop in foreign demand for US long-term assets.

Alea summarizes a very interesting recent paper with two charts.

Just as everyone is worried about deflation, David Beckworth has a Cato piece on benign deflation.

The Goldman oil bull is back.

A primer on different quantitative models.

FT Alphaville takes on why the yen is going strong.

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