Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Interesting Picks

Some more really scary Fed charts.

FRB San Francisco President Janet Yellen on Fed's balance sheet, quantitative easing and Fed communications. A complement is a piece by FRBSF Research Director.

Mark Tahoma summarizes the latest fiscal fight.

Speaking of fiscal policy, here's Economix list of economists against a big fiscal surplus.

Tim Duy's Fed watch (via Mark Tahoma) on a variety of issues this time around.

Menzie Chinn summarizes the papers of the The Capital Flows behind Financial Globalization session at the AEA meetings.

Binder and Rudd go over different explanations of why the rise in oil price rises did not have such a dramatic effect as in the 1970s. Or maybe they did?

Some good news: Two Stanford economists believe, based on their VAR model, that the recession will be over sooner than most people think.

Daron Acemoglu on Structural lessons for and from economics (from and to the crisis).

FRB Minneapolis looks at the recession in perspective.

Paul Krugman and Andy Harless on bang for the buck measure of fiscal policy (not equivalent to multiplier effects).

Bernanke on quantitaive easing and exit strategy (via FT Alphaville).

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