Thursday, January 1, 2009

Interesting Picks: Turkey

Baslevent and Kirmanoglu of Bilgi University use European Social Survey data look at the relationship between personal values and political choices.

Board characteristics of Turkish banks.

Demet Canakci, who seems to be affiliated with half of Ankara, uses macro stress testing to assess the fragility of the banking sector.

Orhan Karaca notes that adjusting for working days, 3Q growth turns out to be negative.

Hasan Ersel corrects a commonly-held misconception: As I mentioned before and after the release of the 3Q figures, Turkey has not been affected by the global crisis much as of the end of the third quarter. But don't expect a similar pattern at the final quarter of the year!

The CBT has a new survey: The Investment Survey. The inaugural results for the third quarter were recently published.

Wigley & Wigley evaluate Turkish education policy using Sen's capabilities approach.

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