Thursday, January 8, 2009

Interesting Picks

Chart of the day I: I think this is the best answer to the so-called lending mystery.

Chart of the day II: The slow rising of the commercial paper market.

Calculate your financial comeback, compliments of NYT.

Is the impossible trinity impossible after all?

As Simon Johnson summarizes, to Acemoglu, the financial crisis has manifested the breakdown of some of the most traditional economic modeling assumptions. A similar view is expressed in the financial modelers' manifesto.

Is China losing its taste for US debt?- asks the NYT. Nope, is Brad Setser's answer.

FT Alphaville summarizes Goldman's oil predictions.

538 looks at various sources, including prediction markets (on which I have written), to assess the probability of a depression.

IS there a US Treasury bubble?

I knew they were running a hedge fund, but I had no idea it was this profitable. BTW, it is very easy to track the government's model portfolio.

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