Sunday, January 11, 2009

Interesting Picks

The week in pictures from Econompicdata

Chart of the day: Consumer deleveraging has just begun.

Great piece by Willem Buiter on central bank balance sheets in quantitative/qualitative easing.

Some more scary Fed charts from the Financial Ninja.

Brad Setser looks at the role of the global savings glut in the current crisis. BTW, Martin Wolf has an excellent book (which I plan to review soon) on the same topic.

Charles Davi continues with his macroeconomic theory of CDSs.

Calculated Risk and Econbrowser go over the latest employment figures. David Beckworth on the other hand, explains that looking at absolute nonfarm payrolls and comparing to WWII does not make sense because the labor market is growing. Justin Fox takes the same issue as well as adding some more pointers to geared towards interpreting the unemployment figures correctly.

Another economist mea culpa.

Fama, who has started blogging with his LT coauthor French, explains the issues arising on government equity capital for financial firms.

Simon Johnson on the economic crisis and the crisis in economics.

A complement to the recently much-talked-about Reinhart Rogoff paper.

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