Monday, December 6, 2010

A really small step for mankind...

but a rather large one for me:
As you can see in the bottom right part of the picture, as of 18.30 Turkish time, my latest Hurriyet column is the most-read article on the Hurriyet web site.

I am not saying it is the most well-written article there, or not even that it is my most well-written (although a friend and reader did say it was "my best piece so far" or favorite piece (I think the Carsi one would get the honor for the latter, just because of its name. I am also aware that my creative title helped me out immensely. But it still makes me happy:):):) Before, I had gone only as high as fourth place.

Anyway, a public thanks to all the readers and especially those who have been giving me very valuable comments, + or -. I am also indebted to my editor friend from lobster/blueberry country who has been giving me really valuable feedback for the past few week and helped me improve the columns immensely.

And finally, I know this post does not serve my case:), but I still maintain that I do not have an inflated ego:)....

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