Sunday, December 19, 2010

Non-economics book by economists

By Dani Rodrik and Pinar Dogan:
If you don't know Turkish or the background, Dani and his wife Pinar have written about the inconsistencies in the Ergenekon case, for which Pinar's father Cetin Dogan, a retired army general, is being tried.

I intend to devote this blog to matters of Economics only, so I will not share my valued! thoughts on the matter. But let me say one thing: When I mention to people about their blog, where they have been sharing their findings for some time, the most common complaint I get is that it is impossible for them to be objective on this matter. Why I do agree with the reservations, anyone who has followed their blog regularly can confirm that they carry on their scientific objectivity. I know this did sound like President Abdullah Gul vouching for the Kayseri mayor accused of corruption a day after saying that he is impartial and cannot comment on such matters, but still.... Have a look at the blog and decide for yourselves; there are quite a few posts in English.

BTW, I plan to read the book once it is published in the next few days, and I am thinking about writing a review then. And there goes my "economics-only policy" down the garbage drain:)- so much for being resolute and principled:):):)

BTWW, there is more info about the book on the publisher's web site. And if you want to buy it, they have contact info. on their web site as well.

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