Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The Art of Deduction

When I was learning English -a long time ago, in a galaxy far away-, I used to read a lot of abridged Sherlock Holmes novels. I especially loved how the great detective could come to surprising conclusions on someone he has seen for merely a few seconds. Let me try that for my loyal reader who "hates to love me" or "loves to hate me"- expressions in quotes are hers, not mine, and who, after a longed-for absence, resurfaced again (see comment below post) a few days ago:
Are you not tired yet of incessantly going on these ego trips by talking mostly about yourself and precious little else that could be classified under the heading of "economic analysis"? Do you really feel you HAVE to occupy media space with what basically amounts to NOTHING? I don't think too many people are genuinely interested in what you have to say about Beşiktaş (or any other soccer team for that matter). On the other hand, concentrating on economic analysis (as opposed to paraphrasing economic news features) might just help increase your popularity and reduce the boredom of those who allocate their valuable time to read your so-called "ramblings". (Expression in quotes is yours, not mine...) 
First of all, although I have been calling this person "her" for just P.C. reasons, I believe she  is indeed a she:), as I see quite a bit of pent-up sexual aggression in here- although the male gender of the homo sapiens has this phenomenon as well, it is usually associated with the female of the species- apologies to all the female readers I might be offending, but obviously I am not talking about you specifically, so please don't burn me on the stake for this. She is definitely Turkish, from the way she writes Besiktas (no shit, Sherlock!). Finally, she seems to be under the illusion that I have ego trips (or inflated ego, whatever) and that she seems to be really pissed off with me occupying media space. In addition, she seems to believe that I have been interfering with the daily press. Which lead me to believe that she is associated with Today's Zaman, which is the Gulenist newspaper I comment on most of the few times I "interfere with the daily press" (again, the ecpression in quotes is hers, not mine)- not that I have anything against them, but they and the Daily News are the only two English language newspapers, and although my objectivity regarding this matter could be questioned:), Today's Zaman is the one with, how shall we say, more room for improvement:)... In fact, judging by her excellent English, I would not be surprised if she is an editor at Today's Zaman.

But other than this profiling, I have little to say to her: After her initial response, I spent an hour writing her a lengthy and polite response, basically asking her to be more specific: Why she thinks I have an inflated ego, who she thinks I have offended and why she thinks my pieces have no analysis. I even asked her to send me articles/columnists engulfed in analysis so that I could learn from them. Instead, I get exactly more of the same thing: That I have an ego problem, that I have no analysis, just quotations (after I explained a CBT MPC decision by quoting the MPC statement!) and that I have nothing to say other than Besiktas (Besiktas "ramblings" -expression in quotes is mine, not hers- take less than 1 percent of my blog, and maybe 0.01 percent of my columns). 

I don't have any hope that I will ever get any valuable feedback from this person, but if I do, I would be pleasantly surprised- respond her properly... Otherwise, I'll just use her spam for more practice in the art of deduction. And I have been receiving really good questions and comments from  other readers, who actually contribute to my posts and columns, so if she'll excuse me, I need to attend to others now...

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