Monday, October 11, 2010

Yet more vanity, my favorite sin

As I always say, a picture is always better than a thousand words:
HINT: Just have a look at the list of the most popular articles- this is supposed to be all the articles, i.e. news+columns & op-eds.

But one thing that's eating me is the relative lack of comments: Although I manage to squeeze into the Daily News top ten list more often that not, I never get a lot of comments to the articles: That may mean three things:
  1. Polyanna explanation: The readers love my columns so much that they think no comment is necessary.
  2. Neutral explanation: Economics columns, by their technical nature alone, bring in less comments.
  3. Readers are just attracted to my cheesy titles; no one reads me.
I know that 1 is not true. It is also true that I manage to come up with eye-catching titles, but I do hope it is 2 rather than 3. Anyway, there are two ways to find out:

First, I could look at other Econ. columnists writing at the Daily News (looking at other papers complicates the picture a lot, as they have different internet viewer types and characteristics). The closest to my style at HDN&ER is Erdogan Alkin, and glancing through his columns, I see that he more or less gets the same number of comments as me. So maybe, it is an economist thing after all... 

Or maybe, I should just come up with a boring title next time around and see what happens. Actually, I did that a couple of weeks ago, although unintentionally- I could not find a cheesy title for my column about the impact of Basel III on Turkey, so I just called it Basel III and Turkey. That column has got about 30% more hits than the following two weeks' articles, although the topic itself was arguably rather eye-catching then.

I don't think there is a simple way to resolve my curiosity. But I was feeling a little bit chatty- at least, I've got that out of my system:)...


Anonymous said...

Dear Emre,

As a long-time Turkophile I have been looking for a knowledgeable source to keep me tuned into the robust Turkish economy. Voila! I find Emre bey.

As much as Turkish politics interests me it is almost beyond my reach - - too filled with mutual suspicion, intrigue and polarized thinking. Your snapshot of Turkish economic reality gives me an objective signpost.

And a sense of humor too!

Steve Rank
Concord, California

Emre Deliveli said...

Dear Steve;

Thanks for the kind words...

Please note that that comments (+ or -) are never required, but always appreciated, sort of like the tipping policy at a friendly Midwestern diner...

BTW, I just looked up Concord in google maps and was surprised at its proximity to San Francisco. I have been to the Bay Area several times, but it is the first time I am hearing of Concord- shame on me...