Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Resolution on the Hurriyet columns

After having my columns labeled as lucid, wrapped in trivialities and unreadable, I had a brief midlife confidence crisis and sought opinion from readers via the blog, Facebook and Tweeter. I got several comments, which I have carefully digested and have come up with the following points:
  • The humor stays, people seem to love it.
  • But having said that, I should try to adjust the dose of the humor. If I am writing a technical point, it might make sense not get bogged down in trivialities and just make my point.
  • The same goes for the ramblings. It is fine in a simple topic, but it might just make the column more difficult if I am discussing a technical subject.
  • Simple is better, especially when dealing with conceptually difficult concepts.
  • This also means simple in terms of style: I try to build my column like a novel or a movie: Kind of slowly prepare the readers for what I'll say. But maybe I should just state my theme up front and then develop it. Incidentally, that was the what the editors at Forbes used to concentrate on a lot for my columns with them. There is probably some merit to that.
  • I need to try to be less ambitious: Rather than make six points in a column, with each point briefly explained in one paragraph, I should stick with less points. This goes especially for the more challenging columns- a good example would be my recent column on the Central Bank's policies. Or just ask for more space from the Econ. editors at the Daily News...
Let's see how this will all work out and if I will be able to stick to these promises. Because at the end of the day, I am suffering from the time-inconsistency problem that often features in my writings: I just love the humor, the ramblings and movie-like development of the column. So I am not sure how I will stop myself from these sins when I sit down behind my laptop to write my columns.

I guess moderation and variety are the keys. I admit that 36 hyperlinks in Monday's column might have been a bit too much. And if I am writing on a technical topic one week, I should restrain myself by saying that I will have my fun with a simpler column the following week:)

Anyway, thanks again to all who took the time to write out thoughtful responses.

Mucho obrigado...

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