Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Roubini Post: Economist Wars: The Turkish Ratings Wars

This post already appeared in the Hurriyet Daily News this week; Roubini Global Economics Emerging Markets Economonitor is just republishing it, but I just wanted to cross-link for the readers who might have missed it the first time around...

There is also a blog version, but it does not add anything new to the Hurriyet Daily News article.

Ass for an addendum, almost  nothing- except my foray into vanity again...


Anonymous said...

Dear Mr.Deliveli,
As a regular reader of your blogpost, and of your miscellaneous interventions on the daily press, I am becoming increasingly convinced that you are using media space essentially to further boost your already highly-inflated ego, as you hardly ever say anything new or make a significant contribution. There is nothing wrong with expressing your views, provided you are fully aware of your young age, your credentials (which have not really been made public) and relatively limited experience, compared to the much more experienced academicians and established writers on economic issues, who possess long years of accumulated experience and credibility.
So, please try to be a little more modest, if you don't want to end up talking to yourself only)

Emre Deliveli said...

I appreciate (I really mean it) that you have taken the time to share your views.

I was not sure you would be notified of my response if I wrote here, so I posted my response to my blog as a separate entry:

Since you note that you are a regular reader, I hope that you will see it and find the time to respond.

BTW, I am truly sorry you don't like my columns, but I guess that just comes with the territory. I don't dispute that at all.

All I am trying to is to be able to get some specific feedback so that I can address possible misunderstanding and improve my writing...


Emre Deliveli

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