Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Roubini Post: Turkish Budget: Missing Deeds and Eastern Promises

This post already appeared in the Hurriyet Daily News this week; Roubini Global Economics Europe EconoMonitor is just republishing it, but I just wanted to cross-link for the readers who might have missed it the first time around...

There is also a blog version, along with an addendum, it is not different from the Roubini post, as the able editor there has been able to squeeze my additional comments below the article.

On a separate note, I am really feeling blue now, to the point that I could easily pass for a fat Na'vi kid over at Pandora:  I just learned that the Finance Minister is not actually expecting Besiktas to win the UEFA and Super Cup titles (see the end of the article). They hiked the alcoholic beverages tax instead.

BTW, this way, the Fin. Min. officially kept his promise of "no new taxes in 2011":)...

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