Friday, October 22, 2010

Yet more resolutions

My self-confidence has been hit big time and my ego deflated a bit by the negative feedback I have been receiving of late. So I came up with more resolutions:

I had not done for a while, I decided to dispense with my summary of the Turkish media. Not because I agree that those are miscellaneous interventions on the daily press, as the second discontent notes, but because I now think Blogger is not the perfect medium to relay those comments: I read interesting articles through the day, sometimes when I have free time behind my laptop, at other times, when I have nausea at night or during breakfast/lunch on my Bberry. It would be better to share those articles right  after when I read it, when it is fresh in my mind. 

This is the argument from the supply side, but on the demand side, I for on never look at such posts with many links in detail. But I have been increasingly using Twitter and Facebook to access interesting articles posted by prolific bloggers such as RGE, Econbrowser, Mark Tahoma, FT and the like... In fact, I am following more economists/bloggers than real friends in Twitter:)...

BTW, the same policy change goes for Interesting Picks, the global version of Econnews Roundup. I will not post those to the blog, but will tweet interesting articles right after I read them, along with a small comment. And BTW, my tweets automatically appear on Facebook as well, so you'll be able to see them in either.

So if you liked those links, feel free to add me to your Twitter and Facebook lists- you can find me with my last name in both, and my Twitter ID is edelivel. Just a small disclaimer: I do write in Turkish from time to time, but those are usually about football (soccer if you are a Yank). So you won't be missing anything if you don't speak Turkish. And if you do, when you see Turkish, you can just skip my tweet/Facebook status update if you are only interested in the Econ.:)

Coming back to the unhappy customers, one important point is that, as a friend recently noted, at the end of the day, the market will get what it wants: If enough people agree with them, I will either have to change or get kicked out of Hurriyet Daily News & Economic Review and Roubini Global Economics and other places I write for, as no one will read me and I will be erased from the media forever.

I am not saying this to note that I am not heeding their comments. It is just that their comments were not specific enough for me to take concrete actions. But even if I receive no additional responses, Adam Smith's invisible hand will make sure that the public will make me king or send me to the gallows...

The financial crisis has shown us that the invisible hand may not always perfectly in a macro setting. But in more micro circumstances, such as deciding whether Emre Deliveli should continue being an Economics columnist, it will work perfectly...

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