Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Semi-Liveblogging (hopefully) tomorrow

I got invited to a conference tomorrow at around 5pm today by the Economic Development Foundation (don't be deceived by the name, they don't have much to do with econ. or development)... I don't think it is very smart to send invitations out to a conference at the end of the workday the day before the conference and expect an RSVP, but I did manage to email back the RSVP while driving on Baghdad (the street, not the town, and please don't try emailing while driving), and the program is very interesting.

For those of you not verse in Turkish, the conference is about the future of the euro and includes quite a few! Turkish Central Bank presidents (I counted three) as well as Turkish and international academics. Anyway, I plan to do a semi-live blog from the conference, meaning that I will wait until the lunch break for doing my post on the first session and the end of the conference for my second post.

By the way, although it says "to be confirmed" (I have no idea what they have to confirm a few hours before the conference), CBT President Durmus Yilmaz is to make the opening remarks, so I will tweet if he has anything interesting to say, such as "I wanna break Erdem's nose for convincing the MPC to cut the rates and secure his governorship even though I had clearly signaled towards a no cut in the past two weeks":):):) I am obviously joking; I have no idea about the internal workings of the MPC...

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