Monday, January 24, 2011

Improving my Vocab: HBB

My perennial spammer is back with another great comment on my knowledge of football:
Your insights to Turkish football are even better than those on movies; which, as we have already established, are incomparably better than your so-called "ramblings on economics". But allow me to tell you that as an ardent GS supporter, I couldn't really give a toss about your "Black Eagles". This said, to appreciate their overwhelming victory over Bucaspor does of course (?) necesitate the sort of expertise on everything under the sun, which only a few lucky "HBB"s like yourself are fortunate enough to possess.
Congratulations once again!
Your perennial spammer.
Now, we know another reason why my perennial spammer loves to hate me: If her team's new acquisitions are Yekta, Zapata and Stacu (or something like that) and mine Almeida, Fernandes, Simao, she is sure to hate me:) As for her comment on the merits of a victory against Bucaspor, I am asking her to wait until the Laz game Wednesday night, as I had noted in the original post as well- I could have waited to write this comment until after the Laz game, but I am that confident!:)

Anyway, the most interesting part of her comments was that I had no idea what HBB meant. An email to a couple of friends resolved the issue: HBB stands for "her boku bilen", literally translated as "knowing every shit", i.e. meaning smart-ass, wise-ass, cocksure or something like that... A friend wanted to illuminate me further by giving me some examples from the columnist world: Like herbokolog hincal uluc, alles-wieser deniz gokce... Now, now, now... We are not amused, for being likened to Hincal Uluc and Deniz Gokce, except that I would have love to be deft with my fists (or head) as Deniz (although I have not heard of any action from him other than to his ex-wife, except for him raiding the university with a friend once to beat up, literally, a fellow academic who was badmouthing about him and trying to get him kicked out of the university and answering the department head trying to convince him out of it by saying "you can't do that" with "don't tell me you can't do that- say you won't do that) or with my c--k as Hincal (or at least pretending to be, but I am sure he is getting some action, if not only because of signaling theory or herding).

Joking aside, I never claim I am an HBB, just that I know Turkish macro. I have admitted my lack of knowledge several times, most notably on commodities and trading technicalities of late. But nevertheless, although I said the exact opposite above, I am quite amused with all this: My perennial spammer does have a sharp wit, I have to give her that, although I continue to claim that she does not have any clue on what economic analysis is...

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