Wednesday, August 4, 2010

I am Back!!!

A friend and loyal reader recently emailed me the following:
I see that your blog posts are way down, which means either that you're working very hard at Konda or you're out partying in the big city.
Well, I was definitely not partying; I am too old for that, although I could make an exception if Pascal came and took me to the disco:) I was working hard at Konda, about which you can read in the previous week's Hurriyet column, but that wasn't the main deal: As you might have read in a blog post or in Twitter/Facebook, my aunt had a quite serious aneurysm operation, which Gottseidank went well, but caused a standstill to my blogging- it also made me think about an efficient blood exchange model,  as we struggled to get blood from nine people with 0RH+ blood type, I could not get very far by myself since I don't know much micro theory and still less market design, but I did talk to some serious theorists, more on that later.

Anyway, I'll start with what I always do after a long break: I have quite a few unfinished posts sitting around as drafts as well as a couple of Hurriyet columns that need publishing, so I'll start with those, so you'll see a bunch of posts with past dates on them in the next 24 hours- as I have mentioned before, I always stick to original dates for archiving purposes. But I am hoping that it will be business is usual by the weekend if not by Friday.


oil_spill said...

Im glad your aunt is ok and your back.

Emre Deliveli said...

@ oil_spill: Thanks a lot for the kind words.

One of the posts waiting to be addressed is my take on your great comments about deflation/inflation debate. I hope to get to it soon...