Sunday, August 15, 2010

Interesting Picks

Roubini on Gecco, or sort of:)

Since we are talking about movies, here's escape from arbitrage, with a Turk on the director's seat:)

One of the most quoted pieces of the last couple of days is Tyler Cowen on free parking in NYC. Now, I have something to quote when I get raised eyebrows for lamenting on the free parking at Istinye Park, although the theory behind that is a bit different.

You thought banks had the biggest exposure to PIGS? Think again...

The trouble with economic forecasts (or economists who make them)...

I like this article for summarizing my view on US Treasuries rather well: TIPs are the best, ---- the rest:)

The US money multiplier is missing because it wasn't there in the first place.

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