Sunday, March 7, 2010

My official baptism as a columnist

In Turkey, columnists tend to get invited to speak at universities and the like quite a bit and get handed a plaque at the end as token of their participation.

I did my first such talk at Dogus University on Thursday on lessons from the crisis and earned my first token:

So now I am officially an Econ. columnist. Next step is getting invited by His Excellency the Econ. Tzar:)

Joking aside, the talk made me think a very important topic, I came up with the following summary slide after my brainstorming:

I am planning to devote a couple of columns to this issue, so I just wanted to give a sneak peek...

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The Arthurian said...

Hello Emri Deliveli. Nice plaque. My comment is on your brainstorm graphic. I like it. I like organized collections. Still, it bothers me.

On the right side, everything is "rethinking." This is like admitting that the "thinkers" had been wrong. And I agree they (policymakers) were wrong. After the crisis, who could deny it? But the question is: When were they wrong? Not only since the crisis. Not only since the new millennium. It goes much farther back. (I speak of the U.S. economy here.)

If it is correct that the right-hand side of your graphic leads us back to perhaps the 1970s, then I fear there is nothing of use on the left-hand side.

Thank you for writing in English. The "NextBlog" button brought me here. Peace.