Tuesday, March 23, 2010

EconNews Roundup

Turkey's private sector debt declines: The problem is that you have to look at the foreign currency position of the public as well to get a better sense of the private sector's net FX position. I will devote a separate post to this issue later on.

Turkey and Iraq improve trade ties: I am baffled by the sharp rise of exports to Iraq in the last couple of years, so will tackle this issue later on.

Tourism sector concerned by meat prices: A significant part of the recent rise in inflation is due to rising unprocessed food prices, most of which is coming from meat. I'll do a contributions chart for that later on.

Capital Market Board president is critical of journalists talking positions. Your friendly neighborhood Economics columnist is not worried, as he never talks positions:), but I wonder how come his Excellency would have access to all the journalists' portfolios. Even mine?

Istanbul office market is picking up.

I am already late for my jog, so more later, including the detailed analyses I promised in this post...

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