Sunday, September 5, 2010

No Recep Ivedik index, but still OK column for tomorrow

Being the ultimate procrastinator, I usually write my weekly Hurriyet columns Sunday mornings, emailing them to the Econ. editors at the Daily News minute before my noon deadline.

However, since I am heading to the beach today (I am leaving right after I post this), I managed to bring myself to write the column last night. I just proofread and emailed it to the editors.

As loyal readers would know, I was planning to write on my Recep Ivedik index , but I learned yesterday that those particular questions were for a particular client request (Konda allows each of their customers three questions, provided they fit the broad theme of the survey), and therefore that I was not allowed to reveal those results, let alone speak of the questions- upsssss... Dommage big time:( 

Therefore, I was left sans topic yesterday, but since I received several questions during the week on the economic/market impact of the referendum, I decided to write on that. Note that I had briefly addressed the issue in a recent post. While tomorrow's column is based on that post, it is much more extended.

To give loyal readers a bit of scoop, I have the next few weeks planned out as well: Next Monday will be on the GDP figures to be released on September 14- I plan to do a scoop on that later during the week. On September 20, I plan to write on something that will specifically allow me to make fun of our trouncing of the eziks the night before. I am hoping the Ministry of Culture and Tourism will release the August tourism statistics that week (they seem to official release dates as flexible), so I plan to write something on the tourism statistics the following Monday, sort of an extended version of my recent editorial for the Daily News South Monday.

That takes me all the way to October. I am planning to travel to D.C. to cover the Annual IMF-World Bank meetings for the Daily News, just as I did last year in Istanbul, so it will probably be daily columns for the first ten days of October, a truly taxing but at the same time exciting gig, which will probably leave me exhausted and a severe cold just like last year...

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