Monday, May 31, 2010

Yet another secretive post

I did my monthly stint with Konda last week, and although I am not allowed to disclose my results, I can tell you what I did:

First, I continued with my calculation of the unemployment rate, but I also had the first chance to compare the Konda unemployment rates to the official survey data. And although the numbers are unsurprisingly different, they are surprisingly consistent. Having said that, I should add that the data is not really consistent with May premilinary indicators from CBT business tendency survey such as capacity utilization and real sector confidence, which were hinting at a slowdown at the pace of recovery.

Second, this month's theme being rule of law, I looked at the determinants of the perceptions of rule of law at the very micro level; for example the relationship with being religious, or Kurdish or Alevite. No surprises there, the results would have been guessed by anyone living in this country for more than a month. 

Finally, as there were a couple of questions on Cyprus on the survey (due to the recent elections there), I looked at the effect of Turkish aid and credit on the Cypriot economy- just basic number crunching, nothing fancy.

This is all I can say about my work there, but if you'd like to find out more, feel free to contact them.

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