Saturday, May 22, 2010

My favorite research outfits for the Turkish economy

A friend recently asked me what research houses I like and read (to follow the Turkish economy). Since this is a question I've got before, I decided to address it here for the benefit of all:) All of the following publish solely in English, except for Fortis, who publish their reports in Turkish as well.

For keeping up-to-date with economic developments, I rely on two outfits: Fortis and Global Source, whose Turkey outfit is run by Istanbul Analytics, an Economics consultancy. Fortis publishes more often and right after all the major data releases, but Global Source is good for looking at the big picture, i.e. the forest itself rather than the trees in it. In addition, I read Yapi Kredi Research and Citi for their excellent occasional research notes on ad hoc topics.

I also skim the non-resident research houses, but not as ardently as I do the domestic ones, for one simple (non-nationalistic) reason: These economists usually cover quite a few countries, so they may not devote a lot of time to Turkey. Nevertheless, reading them is good for cross-comparison purposes and to see how Turkey is doing in the international beauty contest.

As for getting hold of these reports, that's tough: Yapi Kredi publishes its work on the web, but checking it just now, I could not find their latest pieces there. All the rest are intended for clients only, and Global Source is a fee-based service. But a friendly email never hurts (not to me, obviously). Alternatively, you may subscribe to Research Turkey, a yahoo newsgroup for sharing international reports on the Turkish economy- for some reason, Citi fits their classification as an international outfit, whereas Fortis doesn't (I have no idea why, as both are based in Istanbul, run by Turkish economists), so only the former appears there.

Important Disclaimer: I know the economists at Yapi Kredi, Citi and Global Source, so you may claim I am being biased, but I really have no idea if it is chicken or the egg. Besides, I have never met the Fortis team...

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