Saturday, April 24, 2010

Work In Progress (again)

I have been a slacker again and ignored this blog for a while. For my defense, I am still involved with the neverending moving saga...

But, what a better use for the weekend than some home improvement:

I will start by updating my Hurriyet, Forbes and RGE columns to the blog, using the dates they were originally published at, as is the norm, or at least my norm. I should be back to regular blogging early next week, after I am done with the archiving. In the meantime, sorry for the temporary disturbance I may be causing, although it is nothing compared to the permanent damage to sanity the F3n3vasyon is causing:

I am aware that most of my loyal readers are subscribed to the blog email list, so to make sure that they are not to swamped with the articles, in case they did not have a chance to read them before at the relevant sites, I will do the updating piecewise, throughout today and tomorrow.

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