Friday, April 9, 2010

More on this week's Hurriyet column

A loyal reader asked my opinion on the last sentence of this week's Hurriyet column:
The real question is how much longer the global investment community will continue to turn a blind eye to the risks in Turkey.
Now, that's a trillion dollar question I was purposefully trying to avoid, as it is a very difficult question. But my one sentence answer is: "For a long time". But I am sure the political risks will sooner or later reveal the underlying economic weaknesses as well.

Think about the 2001 crisis: Was it really about a President throwing the Constitution at a PM- by the way, I wonder how he would have managed to do that if the country in question had been the US; made a paper plane out of the Constitution and thrown it off, I guess:)

Or think about the political crisis spanning from March to July of 2008. To help you with the thinking, let me provide a neat graph:

Or if you are a history buff, think whether it was Princip (BTW, look at the picture, the guy looks like a F3n3v fan just coming out of a Besiktas game) who caused WWI. I guess you see my point...


Anonymous said...

what is the underlying economic weakness in Turkey at the moment?

Emre Deliveli said...


I answered your question here:

Feel free to write if you'd like to discuss this further.