Tuesday, April 13, 2010

My own 15 min. of fame

I finally get my Andy Warhol style 15 min. of fame: I will be doing a short phone interview to CemTV (Digiturk Channel 47) at 16.45 Turkish time on today's MPC meeting and the tomorrow's disclosure of the CBT's exit measures. Incidentally, this is what I wrote about in yesterday's Hurriyet column: I still have not been able to post it in the blog -I tried to do it last night, but laptop crashed in the middle of it and I did not have today-, but it is here:


I was hoping to do a live show so that I could get to meet some hot TV chicks, but understandably, the presenter did not want to scare the viewers away (yes, I am that hideous, especially with my eagle tattoo)...

Anyway, the interview will be in Turkish, and I will try to post it here if I can. I'll also post the Hurriyet column later tonight.
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