Thursday, January 21, 2010

We are not amused:)

Another dinner invitation by the Econ. tsar for Econ. columnists, to which yours truly is not invited again. Obviously, not all columnists can be granted an audience with his highness, so only those with an academic background are considered. Now, I am thinking of the possibilities:
  1. Hurriyet Daily News & Economics Review is not taken for a newspaper by the Minister.
  2. Ozyegin University, where I am teaching this semester, is not considered as a university of good repute.
  3. I am not considered as an Economics columnist of good repute.
I am not going to ponder on this question any more and leave to next week's Hurriyet column...

But joking aside, the Minister did make some interesting comments on the IMF program, the country's economic prospects and the fiscal rule, at least according to my more illustrious colleagues who were lucky enough to get invited, so I might have to postpone going over my 2010 predictions for one more week. And it is already the end of January. The perils of writing once a week:(...

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