Tuesday, December 15, 2009

EconNews Roundup

I have been struggling between the desire to do a daily news summary on the Turkish economy and the absence of enough items in English to do a daily. I decided to "solve" the issue by reporting on items on the Turkish economy besides the news such as research and policy papers. I also plan to revitalize the international version soon, which I will continue to call "Interesting Picks". So no more "Interesting Picks Turkey", which are now integrated into "EconNews Roundup". So, here it goes:

A new Central Bank paper on durable goods price dynamics; the surprising result is that FX does not play an as large role as I would have expected (in Turkish only).

In my piece on Portugal yesterday, I compared how Portugal, and Greece for that matter, resemble Turkey in their knockoff fiscal measures. As loyal readers would know, lack of a credible fiscal consolidation is one of the recurring themes in my Daily News columns. Mary Stokes of RGE has managed to squeeze all my arguments and more into a well-written piece: There is even a reference to your friendly neighborhood economist (fee-based service).

Simulation to help prevent future crises- with some Turkish help...

When the latest statistics are released, we are likely to see that unemployment is on the rise, at least for seasonal reasons.

IMF emphasizes social security and informal economy key issues that need to be tackled.

The surprise rise in industrial production (from last week); for my take on this, see my latest column.

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