Sunday, December 13, 2009

EconNews Roundup

I think that Turkish banking will become a barrier to the recovery, rather than for the crisis, as I argue in tomorrow's column, but in any case...

I also summarize my take on the 2009 Treasury Financing and Central Bank Monetary Policy programs at my column.

One of the byproducts of these programs was that we now know that both the Treasury and the Central Bank have a sans-IMF baseline scenario- also in my column tomorrow.

TUSIAD is right to note that uncertainty and unemployment are likely to be two of the biggest challenges of the Turkish economy in the near term. As I discuss in tomorrow's column, both are also key factors affecting private investment spending.

Enough shameless self-promotion: A recent survey on changing consumer opinions/behavior during the crisis.

A jargon-buster (thanks to David and Michael for reminding me this great term) on ratings. You can see my take on the ratings upgrade at last week's column, which assumes a basic knowledge about ratings, so this piece is kind of prerequisite on my column:)...

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