Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Technical Blog Question

Blogspot's spellcheck has not been working for some time now. Basically, it highlights almost all the words in yellow and either offers no suggestions or weird suggestions in a strange language (I actually do not think it is a language at all). Interestingly, this is an issue only when I use Firefox; spellcheck works fine in Internet Explorer, where I am writing this post. BTW, I am running on XP and have the most recent versions of Firefox and Explorer.

The problem actually started just before I left for vacation at the end of July. I was hoping it would miraculously get resolved by itself by the time I got back, but it hasn't! Actually, a quick google search has revealed that other people, also on Firefox, are suffering from the same issue. The only solution offered was clearing cache, which did not work for me.

I know that there are indirect fixes such as using the Firefox spellchecker or spellchecking using Word, but none of these is as convenient as Blogspot's, so any suggestions would be most welcome...

BTW, I just noticed yesterday's unemployment post has a bunch of spelling mistakes because of this problem; apologies for that...

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