Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Render unto Ozel what is Ozel's

Ozel is the last name of Denizbank chief economist Saruhan Ozel. I just found out that he talked about in detail in the long-forgotten NEOs (or UFOs) story of the previous millenium in his latest weekly. It turns out he even gave two references from the Economist that tackled the issue at the time:
Down but far from out; 98,06,30
A goat, a rug, special price? 99, 04, 01
I would have linked the articles, but it requires a premium subscription to the Economist, which I do not have. But I would be grateful if anyone who does could email me the articles or just post them as a comment to this post.

I do not know the guy and do not have access to the article (a friend emailed me the references), so if you speak Turkish and would like to have a look, you need to contact him.

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