Friday, April 24, 2009

Spring cleaning

I just finished off a huge spring cleaning in the blog:

First, I put in all weekly Hurriyet columns since February, writing short comments before each column as appropriate. This also gave me a chance to take stock on what I had been writing for the past three months. And to be honest, there is everything: From the very precise, to the really imprecise (you should nevertheless have a look at that for the shameless self-defence), from the funny to the grim, from the self-confident to the perplexed, from the timely to the ill-timed, all is there.

Second, there were a bunch of unfinished entries over the course of the last couple of months; blogs I had started but had never got to post. I know this totally beats the purpose of a blog entry, but I nevertheless wanted to finish them for my own archiving purposes for the very least. Anyway, you'll find a couple of interesting encounters, a mystery and a puzzle to spice things up even some fiction.

Now, the only thing missing is my popular links section, which I hope to start by Saturday. Hopefully, I will not need such a large clean-up ever again...

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