Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Some Economics Gossip

This morning, my sister was complaining that my weekly columns had got very boring of late, suggesting that I should write econ gossip. She is a lawyer, so talk about boring, but anyway, I am glad to oblige:

A cabinet reshuffle has been on the agenda for some time and is expected to materialize this week. In terms of the econ top brass, it was assumed last week that FinMin Kemal Unakitan would be replaced by Vice PM and econ coordinator Ekren, whose post would be taken up by ForAffMin Babacan (ex EconMin).

I have been asking around for their expectations for the past two days, and while my sample of a couple of dozen economists, traders, bankers and the like would hardly be called statistically significant, almost all the respondents now expect EconMin Simsek to get sacked.

This is another instance I am wishing we had prediction markets in Turkey...


Ramon said...


My name is Ramon Manes and I'm trying to write an article about households in Turkey. Do not know much about that so I wonder if you could give me a little tip. I don't understand Turkish so that makes all the more complicated.

Do you know where I can find reliable data about mortgage to gdp ratio in Turkey and the future of the property market and real state in the country?

I would be oblige...

You articles are extremely interesting by the way!!

Emre Deliveli said...

Hello Ramon;

I am replying to your comment since I do not have your email.

Interestingly, I've got a couple of more questions on the same issue, so I am going to write a blog entry in a few days covering your questions and more.